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Edith Echeverria


I was born in Mexico City and have a B.S. in food science, for 15 years I worked for the corporate world designing and marketing processed food. However, I started my meditation studies and everything changed. I moved to this blessed country and my spiritual journey formally began with Self realization fellowship and master Yogananda, path that I treasure and practice. I am certified Biomagnestism healer, certified Aromatherapy healer and certified Reiki I and II practitioner, certified Crystal intuitive and certified raw food specialist. After years reading, learning, practicing, seeking for my real talent I found the crystal quartz singing bowls in Our Beloved Mount Shasta 5 years ago where I trained with the Master singing bowl teachers and I just fell in love with the bowls. Then, I started reading and learning all that has been written about the bowls and the healing power documented. After that I played the bowls to start healing myself, my family and friends. Now, I want to help others to heal themselves with the higher frequencies of the crystal quartz singing bowls. Let the singing bowls help you to heal!!


Catherine Le Tynevez

VP Marketing

Catherine is French. She moved from Lyon, France to Florida in 2015. She discovered Mindfulness in France in 2013 during a stay at the hospital, reading Jon Kabat-Zinn and David Servan-Schreiber’s books. Then she followed the Jon Kabat-Zinn’s 8-week program with Nathalie Bonhouvrier, certified MBSR Instructor. At that time, she was practicing Yoga too, Mindful Yoga. Ever since, she’s been practicing Body Scan 45mn daily.

Her philosophy is « Where ever you are, be there ». 200h Certified Yoga Teacher with Juliana Trejo. She loves to mix Mindfulness, Asanas and Meditation in her class. With Mindful Breathing. With Love.

Radiant Child Yoga’s Approved Teacher with Izabela Piazecka, it became an evidence for her that she would be teaching kids how they can feel better, be focused, be mindful in the moment, by themselves. With mindful breathing. With their five senses. She loves to mix mindful breathing, postures, games, meditation and relaxation to practice a fun and peaceful Kids Yoga. With self-esteem. With respect of each other.

Melissa Mucci

VP Marketing

Melissa’s journey into meditation & yoga began in 2006 at which time she was living in New York seeking relief from debilitating injuries, depression & anxiety. Upon her move to Florida in 2013 she began practicing More frequently and wanted to deepen her practice by completing her 200RYT yoga teacher training In 2016. Melissa fell in love with teaching immediately and has been teaching Vinyasa, Gentle, & yin classes ever since.

Melissa is a certified Reiki Master and enjoys incorporating sound bowl healing savasanas into her classes, inviting her students to leave her classes with a sense of peace & wellbeing. She is excited to share the techniques that have helped her along her own healing path.

Rina Lichtinger RTY 500 Hrs

VP Marketing

Yogini Rina (Ishwari) is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher 200 hrs, studied under the Roberts method 2002 Ct Hatha Raja Yoga 200hrs, Ananda Inc Hatha Yoga 2009, 200 hrs, 2008, Amazing Yoga Ct power yoga 100 hrs, and CT program Karma kids yoga 2009 100 hrs in Kids Yoga and Thai Yoga 2008. Ishwari has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 18 years and teaching for 10 years. She was born in Mexico City, married with 2 children, loved her dog Rex French bulldog, and enjoys new vegetarian recipes and juicing. She loves to teach esoteric modalities to elevate consciousness: among some "The Portal" written by Rina, we are all doorways to achieve great liberation! We are being of abundance and unconditional love! The only path to enlightenment how to move into the energy of spiritual realms! Her path is yoga, mantra-chanting Bhakti (devotion to God), and hands on Healing and aromatherapy essential oils her guidance is her spirit and as a devotee and vegetarian. Her goal is to inspire people through meditation and asana to find the divine spark in all! The beautiful radiance energy and to become a light to this world! She has been teaching yoga in: Red Pearl, Broward Community College, Mind Body and Baby, Wellness Center at Holy Cross Hospital and private group classes, Healing light inc, Kate yoga studio. She has an established private practice with different modalities of energy-based hands on healing for 15 years. Ordained Rev. Reiki Master, Ct Healing Touch practitioner, specialized in Aromatherapy, crystal bowls healing and Akashic records readings.

Shelly Saunier

VP Marketing

My name is Shelly Saunier and I'm a woman of many hats, but mostly enjoying this little thing called life. I am a yoga teacher by day, Neonatal Intensive Care nurse by night, mother and wife all day everyday, health fanatic at meal times, master's student (to become a Advanced Holistic Nurse) a few days a week, and blogger in my free time. Yoga found me in high school senior year (2004) looking for a joke of a class that would give me an easy A under the class section "Stress Reduction". I immediately fell in love and then college happened. I got lost in the madness but somehow always made it to an occasional yoga class here and there. My true love for yoga blossomed at a time in my life where I needed it most. My father had passed; I had given birth to my son, started a new job, moved and got married all within a few months of one another. I was searching for the calm in the midst of a category 5 hurricane and yet again yoga showed up again and again. This time I was ready, I dived in the deep end and haven't quite come back up for air. I live, breath, eat yoga…literally. I submerge myself in yogic philosophy, teachings, videos, research, etc. and love every minute of it. Once I became a yoga teacher I knew it was somehow my calling to bring it and it's philosophy to others. My practice began as just a physical practice but over time has evolved into one of deep spiritual learning. I continue to read many books that continue to inch me closer and closer to my core and better understanding. I meditate daily and have a ritual of journaling, yin yoga, mantra meditation and then sulking in stillness prior to retiring for the evening. In the morning I begin the day with breath work and a passage from one of many inspirational books. I practice yoga on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day and on breaks from work  it get me though anything. Am I perfect? No, and I am not striving to be. Am I passionate about my practice and purpose? Absolutely! However, I believe that we are all learning to live in this duality of spiritual practice and the world of paying bills and it can be challenging. But whoever evolved from never being challenged? Our life lessons are our greatest teachers.

Stacy Savarese

VP Marketing

Born and raised in the Midwest, Stacy uses her honesty and fun loving personality to cultivate connections with all people. She has a positive outlook on life along with a tenacious attitude. She resigned from her full time corporate career to explore all aspects and benefits of exercise and has been teaching different types group fitness classes for years. Through her passion for fitness, she found and fell in love with everything that yoga has to offer your mind, body, and soul. For her Vinyasa training under Monica Schmidt was a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. As a Certified 200RYT instructor, she uses her Vinyasa background with a dash of her personality to create her own classic flow.

The light in me honors the light in you